What is an LMS & Why Should You Care in 2023?

3 min readJun 22, 2023
What is an LMS & Why Should You Care in 2023?
What is an LMS & Why Should You Care in 2023?

Learning and skill development are at their peak today. Thanks to technological advancements and shifting societal needs. As a result, streamlining your training campaigns has become a necessity nowadays.

A good learning management system (LMS) aids you with it, end-to-end. LMSs help in sharing & managing learning content. These platforms act as a centralized hub, enabling you to create, sort, share, and track learning materials, courses, tests, certificates, etc.

To understand it better, it is crucial to know about the ‘whats’ & the ‘whys’ of it.

LMSs in 2023

How LMSs Support Training Businesses?
How LMSs Support Training Businesses?

Modern learning management systems come equipped with comprehensive features. These are designed to support global training and educational enterprises. In 2023, educational advancements align with modern LMSs, in the aspects of:

  1. Course Management: Administrators can launch and manage courses, modules, and paths. They can define the structure, set prerequisites, and schedule the delivery of content.
  2. Content Creation and Delivery: They serve as a complete learning platform. The process of delivering materials to learners is thus, streamlined.
  3. User Management: LMS allows administrators to manage user accounts, roles, and permissions. They can enrol learners in specific courses, assign training, and track progress.
  4. Tracking and Assessment: LMS tracks progress on course completion, time spent & assessment scores. It provides tools to conduct tests & assignments, grade and provide feedback to learners.
  5. Communication and Collaboration: LMS eases dialogue via discussion boards, chat, and messaging systems. It enables learners to collaborate with peers, ask questions & receive support from trainers.
  6. Reporting and Analytics: LMS generates reports by analyzing learner performance, course effectiveness & output.
  7. Mobile Accessibility: Modern learning platforms like Edmingle offer mobile accessibility. Being mobile/device friendly enables learning on the go.
  8. Hybrid Learning: Modern LMSs support both online & offline training initiatives. Thereby, providing a comprehensive solution for all types of learning needs.
  9. Adaptive Learning: Modern LMSs, aided by AI, personalize learner paths. Simultaneously, the LMS adapts/delivers learning material based upon learner’s needs, skill levels, & understanding.

Why Should You Care About LMSs in 2023?

As Joey Lehrman mentions in his blog on “Do Learning Management Systems Limit Learning?”:

Learning is indeed a beautiful mess.

And, it’s neither about being poetic nor romanticizing learning. There actually are three steps to the innovative process of learning:

  1. Learning,
  2. Un-learning, and
  3. Re-learning.

The above three correspond to the widely known “Three Stages of Memory”:

  1. Acquisition — getting hold of the information.
  2. Consolidation bringing together the practical and theoretical knowledge.
  3. Retrieval — recalling the information when required.
Stages of Learning & Memory
Stages of Learning & Memory

As implied, learning and acquisition comprise the primary stage for gaining knowledge & skills.

Un-learning or consolidation is sorting the required/working/necessary information from the rest.

Re-learning or retrieval is about revising/updating with the new & growing information.

LMSs like Edmingle help you do that; seamlessly at one place. A centralized repository of training/learning content cuts the clutter. It enables you to focus on other important aspects of your training business.

In short:

  1. An LMS facilitates knowledge acquisition by aiding creation and storing of learning materials. This makes it easily accessible to learners, simplifying the process of consolidation.
  2. Flexibility & integration potentials of an LMS enable easy integration with existing systems. This enhances reporting and analytics. Additionally, the LMS offers versatility in learning formats, delivery methods, and content formats.
  3. Every necessary learning material is available on a single platform. This makes retrieval or recollection of knowledge easier for learners.

Thus, utilizing an LMS for all your training business needs is not just an option, but a necessity in 2023.




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