7{+1 Brownie} Reasons to Take Your Training Business Online: Unlock Opportunities for Success.

5 min readJul 28, 2023
7{+1 Brownie} Reasons to Take Your Training Business Online
7{+1 Brownie} Reasons to Take Your Training Business Online

The digital era has transformed the way we learn, and the global pandemic has accelerated this shift even further. As a training business owner, you might be wondering if transitioning your services online is the right move.

Studies in the Ericsson Mobility Report have shown that India will consume the most data in the world by 2028 at 62 GB per user, per month, ahead of developed markets such as the US, Europe, South Korea and China. With the adoption of 5G, customers will increase to 700 million by 2028-end.

More data consumption means more users. And when almost everyone is over the internet, online businesses can benefit heavily as with digitalization, the global market is now more open & strongly connected. And with the data mentioned above, there are few to no reasons as to why you shouldn’t tap the online market in your segment.

LMSs like Edmingle are aiding this transformation for training businesses. Using an LMS, you can easily transition your offline course/training to a digital one. For that to happen smoothly, you must align your needs & objectives with the features an LMS provides.

In this comprehensive blog, we will explore the numerous reasons why taking your training business online is a strategic decision that can unlock vast opportunities for success.

1.Access to a Global Audience

One of the most compelling reasons to move your training business online is the ability to reach a global audience.

There’s a saying “what’s more visible, sells more.” Setting up your online business aids in going global & enhancing your brand’s visibility to prospects. And most of the time, businesses have observed that they’re valued more in the global market than domestic.

By breaking the physical barriers of a traditional brick-and-mortar setup, you can now connect with learners from different corners of the world. This expanded reach increases your potential client base while also diversifying your revenue streams.

2.Flexibility & Convenience

Online training offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience for both trainers and learners. The convenience of management is unparalleled in online mode of business.

Trainers can create and upload pre-recorded courses that learners can access at their own pace, allowing for a more personalized learning experience as users can go through the curriculum multiple times and at their convenience. Additionally, live virtual classes or webinars enable real-time interaction, fostering engagement and active participation.

Bringing this flexibility into your business makes for a wholesome learning experience. Thereby, enhancing learner retention & driving enrolments.


Compared to running a physical training center, taking your business online can be significantly more cost-effective.

Expenses related to renting or maintaining a physical space, utilities, and other overhead costs are eliminated. Hence, businesses have seen substantial savings. These resources can be reinvested in enhancing the quality of your training content and marketing efforts.

This reinvestment further drives growth and business visibility to your target market.

4.Data-Driven Insights

Online platforms provide powerful data analytics tools that can offer valuable insights into your learners’ behavior and preferences.

Analyzing this data empowers you to fine-tune your training programs, identify areas for improvement, and deliver a more tailored and effective learning experience. Data-driven decision-making ensures continuous growth and relevance in the dynamic training industry.

5.Scalability & Growth Potential

The scalability of an online training business is unparalleled. With the right infrastructure and resources, you can easily expand your offerings to cater to different niches or industries.

As demand grows, you can effortlessly accommodate a larger learner base without being constrained by physical limitations, unlocking boundless growth potential.

At Edmingle, we have successfully helped training businesses make this transition from physical to digital. Irrespective of niches, our comprehensive & fully customizable software helps deliver training modules & courses smoothly while all the administrative tasks are automated. Thereby, saving you both time & effort.

6.Continuous Learning & Updates

With digitalization, learning is no more static. It has become a dynamic process. It’s evolving. Every day.

To ensure that your materials are always up-to-date with the latest industry trends and advancements, online platforms allow you to update your training content in real-time.

This ensures that your training business remains competitive and meets the evolving needs of your audience.

7.Building a Community

Online training fosters the development of a vibrant and engaged community. Learners can interact with one another, share insights, and collaborate on projects, enhancing the overall learning experience. A strong community can lead to word-of-mouth referrals, brand loyalty, and increased customer retention.

With over 1.5million students on our portal, our clients have built a lasting learner base. A strong community/learner base brings several valuable benefits to a training business, like:

  1. Engagement & Retention
  2. Knowledge Sharing
  3. Support & Encouragement
  4. Networking Opportunities
  5. Feedback & Improvement
  6. Continuous Learning
  7. Increased Referrals
  8. User-Generated Content
  9. Enhanced Loyalty
  10. Data Insights

Brownie Point #8 — Hybrid Approach

We’ve often heard that something is better than nothing. So when you have everything with this new digital model, why not get your hands on something more?

The hybrid approach refers to both offline as well as online in today’s world. Businesses operating in this mode are seeing tremendous growth. According to studies, about 74% of U.S. companies are using or plan to implement a permanent hybrid work model while 63% of high-growth companies use a “productivity anywhere” hybrid work model.

More businesses today, are shifting to hybrid model due to its numerous benefits like:

  1. Flexibility & Accessibility
  2. Cost Optimization
  3. Smooth Operations even in Challenging Circumstances
  4. Increased Productivity
  5. Innovative Collaboration
  6. Competitive Advantage

The hybrid approach is just like having the best of both worlds. Having both, online & offline presence, is only going to increase your revenue streams while driving overall growth.


Taking your training business online is not just a trend; it is a strategic move with immense potential for success. Embracing the digital realm allows your training business to grow, adapt, and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

So, take the leap, invest in a robust online platform, and unlock the true potential of your training business in the digital age. And if you want to implement an LMS like Edmingle for this purpose, do not forget to book a free demo & explore it fully via a free trial before diving in.




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